Mujib Ishola


Thoroughbred Technologist. Sold out to Innovation

I am Mujib Ishola. I like to describe myself as a thoroughbred technologist and an unrelenting pursuer of innovation. Although I am currently the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Remita, an electronic payment platform that processes over 1 billion USD worth of transactions monthly, my story does not start there.

I joined SystemSpecs, the mother company of Remita – its eponymous subsidiary and payment brand, in 2011 and I have risen through the ranks, through the years. (No, the rise has not been an easy one, but it’s been worth it!).

I am a consummate lover of technology and my experience spans software and systems design, development and implementation, project management, as well as information and infrastructure support. In over a decade of software engineering, I have made various landmark contributions to the financial technology industry in Nigeria and across the African continent, specifically how payments are made and received.

My work at SystemSpecs and Remita has led to major advancements in our products, especially in the development and incremental advancement of Remita, our flagship product, for the payments and human capital management needs of individuals and organisations across multiple sectors of the Nigerian economy and for millions of individuals.


In the course of my work, I persistently draw inspiration from sights of impact – how the work of my hands and those of other techies around the world bring smiles to faces and joy to the hearts of millions of individual and corporate users. I am a fan of how tech transforms lives.

Prior to joining Remita, I added value to various organisations in the United Kingdom (UK) and Nigeria. Among many others, I was the lead developer at Javelin Group, United Kingdom’s leading specialist consultancy firm whose clients include many of UK’s top 20 retailers like Wal-Mart, Tesco and Sony.

I cut my educational hat from North East Surrey College of Technology and Middlesex University, United Kingdom, and have various professional certifications and industry memberships in Nigeria and the UK.

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